An easy method to determine your exact ring finger size

Free Ring Sizer


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What you receive:
1. High quality re-useable ring sizer
2. Plus… unique coupon code worth 100% of the purchase price

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Product Description

What is my ring size?

A common question is: What is my/her/his ring size?

Well, wonder no more with a free ring sizer from us to you!

How is this a free ring sizer if I have to pay a modest price?

The ring sizer is free because with your purchase we mail you the ring sizer plus a unique coupon code that is worth 100% of the purchase price.

It’s very simple! And this way you know the exact ring size and you didn’t have to spend any extra money or leave the house to get your finger sized!

We aren’t the type to play games — You don’t even pay for shipping!

How does it work?

Your free ring sizer is very simple to use. It comes with full instructions, but we’ll explain below.

The ring sizer works similar to a belt buckle. Slide it over your knuckle and adjust it to a comfortable fit. Remember to make sure that it can still fit back over your knuckle!

Once you have the size you simply read the number indicated by the arrow… no guessing needed!

After you know your size, take advantage of the unique coupon code you received with your purchase to save 100% of your purchase price — which makes this ring sizer 100% free to you! That’s a great deal, isn’t it?!